The 2022 Air and Space Power Conference was held at the Canberra Convention Centre 22-23 March, 2022.  

'In a dynamic and uncertain geostrategic environment it is imperative that small and middle powers build resilience in their ability to generate timely, effective and relevant air and space power. Credible air and space power that enables Australia to shape, deter and respond requires resilient support systems together with an organisational culture that embraces innovation. 

The 2022 Air and Space Power Conference will explore resilient and innovative approaches to achieve national and regional advantage in air and space power. The conference will provide an opportunity for the military and national security communities to explore different elements of national, industry, military and societal resilience, and to understand the resulting threats and emerging opportunities to air and space power’s ability to shape, deter and respond.

The underpinning purpose of the 2022 Air and Space Power Conference is the provision of professional military education on topics of relevance; this conference is the only event on the Air Force calendar focused primarily on enhancing air power education outside of specific Professional Military Education and Training courses.'

The 2022 Air and Space Power session recordings are available to view here: